Marysville Days

Welcome to Marysville Days

June 15, 2014

So, thanks to all who supported us this weekend!  Again, to my sponsors I owe the biggest thanks!  If it were not for you, we would have no celebration.  To the people who braved the weather both days, thank-you.  The vendors for the sale were amazing and I am glad that you were there.   Thanks for the fireworks Art.  They were amazing.

This was my last year in organizing this celebration so please bear with me as I have a lot of people to thank for the last 8 years.

To all of my sponsors who, over the years, if it were not for you and your generosity we would not have it, so you are first and foremost!  

The radio stations have been a real God-send to us with the constant PSA's I ask for! Thanks!

To the volunteers who unselfishly give of themselves to make it a success, thanks!  My vendors, and exhibits that have participated over the years, Thanks!

To my family, thanks for being there for me.  I know I was not easy to live with as the time got closer to Marysville Days and I still had scads of logistics to work through.  I love you for your patience.

To the people who have come out with their kids in all sorts of weather, THANK YOU! 

But mostly, thanks Rosi for putting up with me and my hair brained ideas and the stuff I get you into.  You were the one who was able to keep me balanced and kept me from going insane!

I wish the best of luck to the person who takes this over.  I would like to know it will continue.

Thanks for the memories!


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